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Have you ever made a decision, big or small that unknowingly (at the time) changed your world as you know it? 

On the 24th of December 2016, an adorable bundle of fluff in the shape of a Moodle came into our lives and from that moment on our lives changed forever !

We named him Teddy.

One year later we brought a beautiful little ray of fluffy sunshine home, a companion for Teddy and to complete our family.

Her name is Sissy. 

I’m not sure if ‘obsessed’ is quite the right word, or enough of a word to depict the love that we have for these two fluffy little Moodles but they are definitely our world ! Their character captures everyone they meet and they can make even the most unassuming people crack a smile. I mean, how could they not, Hellooo look at them! ...Said like true "our dogs are better than your dogs" crazy dog pawrents, right? 

It wasnt long before we started buying clothing for them so they were always rocking the coolest gear. 

Teddy and Sissy became our passion, and with that sparked an idea.  Why not create our own brand and share our designs with other doggo lovers. And this was how Twomoodles was born. 

After a year long creating our designs, we are now ready to unleash (pardon the pun) them into the world so that doggos all over can live their best lives, looking very pawesome in their Aussie inspired Twomoodles gear. 

We hope you love them just as much as we do.

Fred, Jo, Teddy & Sissy